The Alaska Camping and Kayaking Adventure!


            Hi, we’re Stacie and Dave.  Welcome to  Last September while Kayaking in Idaho (it’s really pretty and more than just potatoes), the idea of kayaking in Alaska got into our heads.  While on the flight back to Richmond, Virginia where we both live, we filled out an “Alaska Vacation Planner” card we saw in the airline magazine.  A few weeks later the planner arrived and we started planning a trip where we would fly out and spend a few weeks in Alaska.  We quickly realized that Alaska is huge and a few weeks are not enough time to explore it all (or even part of it).  So we revised our plan and decided to concentrate our time on the Inside Passage region.  There are no roads connecting cities – everything is done by ferry (the famed Alaska Marine Highway System).  As we read about each community we wanted to visit them all, but with the way the ferry schedules are set up you just can’t hop around whenever you want.  The ferries may hit the big (and that’s a relative term) cities every day, but the smaller cities are only visited every few days.  We figured that all the charm was in the small cities (after all, who wants to hang out with 5 cruise ships worth of people in Ketchikan?) and mapped out a plan.  Before we knew it the trip was up over three weeks long and we weren’t spending enough time in some spots.  At that moment the crazy idea that is CUINAK was born – we would find a way to get a whole bunch of time off from work and take the trip of a lifetime.  And so a two week vacation turned into 6 weeks in Alaska’s Inside Passage hitting every city served by the Alaska Marine Highway System! 

            That was a great plan we thought, but how would we get around?  On a two week trip we could rent kayaks in each city and hike or bike to the camping areas, but on a long trip we would need a vehicle.  We thought about renting an RV for about 10 seconds – what’s the point of camping if you’re not in a tent?  We thought about renting a car, but hauling kayaks would be cumbersome.  Oh, and how were we going to get our kayaks across the country anyways?  Hmm . . . across the country we thought . . . Of course!  We’ll just drive out there in a pickup truck with the kayaks on top, it couldn’t take but a few days.  And the driving part is only about 5 days if you plow through it, but how can you drive by Mt. Rushmore without stopping?  Or Yellowstone Park?  Or Devils Tower?  Or Aunt Marilyn?  And the list went on – So we tacked on another four weeks to make sure we saw everything (well not everything) on the way out and back.  And well, that’s how this started.

            So, on this site you will find the record of our adventures.  Surf and enjoy AND be sure to check back as we’ll be adding stuff whenever we can!  If you want to drop us a line send it to – we’d love to hear from you!