††††††††††† Born in Rochester, N.Y. Dave will turn 35 during the trip.† Dave was raised on Long Island and as a result is no stranger to the sea.†† He learned to sail long before he could drive and for several years operated his own lobstering business.† He was introduced to camping when his family set out on a cross country trip.† While they visited attractions including Yellowstone Park, Mt. Rushmore, and the Grand Canyon, he only remembers a nasty ear infection that he had for part of the trip.† Heís hoping for a better trip this time.

††††††††††† Daveís first Kayaking experience was in Hawaii in 1999 and since then heís kayaked in the U.S. Virgin Islands, Coeur DíAlene, Idaho, Virginia and of course at his parentís home on Long Island.† Dave has also visited England and extensively toured Chile.

††††††††††† Dave holds a B.A. in Archeology from Cornell University, but has yet to work in that field.† Past positions include Farm Manager, Theme Park Scenery Consultant for Paramount Parks, Boat Captain for NYís Department of Environmental Conservation, Christmas Tree Salesman, and Theatre Technician.† While he considers himself retired, Dave manages several rental properties and serves as a technical consultant for several theaters.

††††††††††† Besides kayaking and camping, Daveís hobbies include stained glass, Lionel trains, and restoring abandoned properties (his friends call him a slumlord).



††††††††††† Stacie was born in Prince Georgeís County, Maryland where she spent the first eight years of her life.† Her family then moved to Chantilly, Virginia where they currently reside.† Stacieís first camping experience was as a baby and her parents claim that she sat up on her own for the first time in a pop-up camper.† Family vacations most often consisted of camping trips during which Stacie developed her passion for the outdoors.

††††††††††† Even though a job aptitude survey in Junior High School indicated that she was suited to be a forest ranger, Stacie aggressively pursued a career as a ballerina.† In High School, doctors noted a weakness in Stacieís knees and advised her that if she kept dancing, she would probably not be able to walk by the time she was 30.† Stacie stopped dancing and stayed in the arts, changing her focus to lighting design and technical theater.† Stacie received a BFA in lighting design from North Carolina School of the Arts and has worked for years in theater and dance and has been employed by the New Mexico Repertory Theater, the Horse Cave Theater, the Richmond Ballet and the Martha Graham Dance Company.† After 12 years in the arts, Stacie has decided to explore new paths and hopes this trip leads her in new directions.† Maybe sheíll be a forest ranger after all?

††††††††††† At age 31, Stacie is eagerly looking forward to hiking and kayaking on this trip.† While she has logged many miles of hiking, Stacie is a newcomer to kayaking and hopes to avoid being flipped over by a whale in glacial waters.



††††††††††† Clio, named after the Greek muse of history (and not Cleopatra thank you very much), is the princess who magnanimously allows us (and the rest of humanity) to inhabit her planet.† As much as we would like Clio to join us on the adventure, she has chosen to grace her grandparents with her presence instead.†

††††††††††† Clio is a very demanding creature who has no qualms about waking you up anytime she wishes attention.† And donít even get her started about crumbs in her food dish.† At age 7, Clio enjoys napping in her sunny jungle (a potted palm in the window), jumping up to high window ledges from which she calls to be rescued, and playing with Mardi Gras beads (did we mention she likes sleeping?).†

††††††††††† Itís probably for the best that Clio decided to stay on the East Coast for the summer as she is displeased by traveling in cars as evidenced by her persistent yowling and desire to climb onto the dashboard.† Besides, we really donít want her becoming bear food!